30 Days of Hygge – Days 5&6 – Pyjama Days (Søndagshygge)



I didn’t manage to blog yesterday as I managed to chop off the top of one of my fingers whilst preparing the evening meal. Cue a mad dash to the local hospital to be sorted out by a wonderful nurse called Amy. I now have a finger that will always have part of the tip missing – and an aversion to using large sharp cleavers!  I wonder if it’s possible to buy pre-chopped red cabbage?

Today (Sunday) had been planned as a “pyjama day” for a while – it’s a rare weekend off for my 17 year old daughter who works full time, and often long hours; so we decided that today would be spent relaxing, in pyjamas (clean ones, of course, not the ones we have slept in), watching films and enjoying a roast dinner in the afternoon. I will be working on the crochet gifts I have planned for Christmas.  A day for us all to be together, a day that is very much hyggelig. In Denmark, Søndagshygge is such a Sunday – a slow day spent relaxing with tea, books, cosying up under blankets and eating good food – a time to unwind,  and enjoy hyggesnak (gentle conversation). For us, the most important part of a pyjama day is simply being together as a family.

Sometimes when I mention that a pyjama day is planned to those that don’t understand what such a day is – and the benefits of simply slowing down and cosying up with one another, I am asked if I think that is the height of laziness? The response I always give is “No, absolutely not, looking after yours and your family’s wellbeing isn’t being lazy, it’s one of the most important things we can do for each other.” We’ve been enjoying pyjama days for years, and we’ve all felt the benefits of taking a day out to relax and unwind.

Im keeping this short so I can enjoy the rest of my  pyjama day – I wish you a wonderful Sunday and hope you too enjoy a Søndagshygge.




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