30 Days of Hygge – Day 2, A Carpet of Golden Leaves



Yesterday I set off to do the dreaded weekly grocery shop after work. I decided to take a short-cut through our local town centre park – a much-used green space that is frequented by parents with young children, skateboarding teens, dog-walkers, people relaxing on the grass chatting to one another, and those just passing through from one side of town to the other. The park is full of oaks, sycamores and horse chestnuts, meaning that the ground was a wonderful leaf carpet of golds. I walked through the leaf-carpet, slowly, enjoying the delightful crunching beneath my feet. I kicked my way through the larger piles of leaves (like a big kid!), and simply enjoyed the sheer delight of taking my time walking through the park, appreciating all that was around me. The fact that I slowed down, not hurrying anywhere and living in the moment was a fantastic  hygge moment. I arrived at the supermarket feeling alive and refreshed.

So why not take some time out today to simply go for a walk in a local park and enjoy hearing the crunching of leaves underfoot and feasting your eyes on the wonderful array of autumn colours.

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2 Responses to 30 Days of Hygge – Day 2, A Carpet of Golden Leaves

  1. hyggejem says:

    I always loved kicking through the leaves when I was younger… and still do!! And the crunch they make is very therapeutic.

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