Five Easy Ways to Hygge


It’s been too long since I last had the time (or the energy) to write a blog post. Life has been busy, and there seems to have been little time for just doing *nothing*, or relaxing and enjoying some Hygge time with my family. We all work long hours, and family time can be fractured – it is rare that we are all together for any more than a couple of hours. The last couple of weeks have been a stark reminder of why we need to embrace Hygge and simply take some time out of our busy lives to relax, be together, chat, eat cake, and just enjoy the simple things in life that really are the important things.

I’ve been up since the crack of dawn, and while in the shower (it’s where I do my thinking), I’ve promised myself that I will not allow work to overspill into to my family time – those emails sent late at night or over the weekend can (and now will) wait until my working hours for a response; the world isn’t going to suddenly explode if I don’t respond to that work email on a Saturday evening.  I’ve come up with 5 easy ways to make sure we as a family have more hygge in our lives:

1 – Turn the mobiles off!  Do we really need to be constantly connected to the internet and social media streams,  the answer is of course no. I’m old enough to remember a world without mobiles and internet, and the world wasn’t boring or dull – in fact we went out more, met up with friends rather than using instant messaging apps to chat with them.

2 – Get outside! We live in such a beautiful country, and are blessed with so many wide open spaces whether that’s a National Park, or a local city centre park.  There’s nothing more autumnal that bundling up in scarves and wooly jumpers and  going for a walk and finding nature’s treasures  (think conkers, acorns, trees swathed in gold and bronze leaves) and coming back home feeling refreshed and invigorated.

3 – Early Nights and Hot Chocolate. There is nothing more welcoming after a busy stressful day than an early night with a huge mug of glorious hot chocolate and a book.  I love Montezuma’s drinking chocolate – real chocolate shavings that you whisk gently into milk while it warms on the stove. It is rich and indulgent. Mr Hygge and I often use this time to talk about items we’ve read in the news, or share snippets about our day, or discuss plans  and dreams for the future . We have each other’s undivided attention, well until I fall asleep!

4 – Candles. When it starts to get dark, I go through an evening ritual of lighting some candles, nothing expensive just a high street scented candle and some tea-lights. The warm candlelight instantly gives a room a warm, soothing cosy glow (hyggeligt) and makes for a relaxing evening.

5 – Home Baking. Im a rubbish baker if the truth be told, but it doesn’t stop me. Baking is something that everyone can help with and enjoy the end result together. The scent of freshly baked bread or cakes is wonderful and fills the home with glorious spice scents. I recently made our Christmas cake and the delicious aroma lingered for a couple of days (it did make me want to sample the cake just to make sure it is edible, but I resisted – I don’t think i would be able to explain why a large slab was missing!). This easy cinnamon rolls recipe is very straight-forward and even a rubbish baker like myself can’t go wrong  –Simple Cinnamon Rolls

I’d love to hear what you do to bring more Hygge into your lives!



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1 Response to Five Easy Ways to Hygge

  1. hyggejem says:

    I’m a hygge-fiend; I love soft lighting. I can’t have candles at the moment, because of a guinea pig with pneumonia, but I still have my side lights. And I love getting my gang together. we’ve always eaten dinner together, but now I make sure that we find a TV show that appeals to everyone and spend at least an hour together afterwards. We also like playing Cards Against Humanity (teenage children) so sometimes we just linger after food and play that.
    And I’m a fond user of Facebook as a way to hang out with people you live too far from to hang out with in real life. I know there’s a negative side, but if your favourite cousin is on the other side of the world, hanging together virtually is as good as it gets most years.


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