H-Day minus seven… and a realisation

Delighted to be included in this blog post

How to Hygge the British Way

I started this blog saying I wanted to live more hyggelig, to build more Danish hygge into my life and that the first few weeks would be a chance to do research, to look for what makes good hygge.

little-book-of-hygge-manifesto A moment of hygge in a busy office day

I said  I would ‘launch’ my year of living hygge on October 4th (Cinnamon Bun Day). And I’ve been reading; I have a list of articles as long as your arm, a load from the past few weeks when hygge has just exploded into everyone else’s mind, and a pile of books (ever increasing pile of books) that I have read and reread and will, doubtless, reread again.

And the more seriously I take hygge, the more I agree with the sentiment expressed by Bronte Aurell (Fika and Hygge), that “I’m not going to lecture you on how to hygge like…

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One Response to H-Day minus seven… and a realisation

  1. hyggejem says:

    Thank you for sharing the post! And it’s delightful to be one of the hygge family. You deserve to be there.


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