Five Things I Love About Autumn


1. Blackberry Picking. There’s nothing better than heading out, armed with baskets, wet wipes (for stained faces and fingers) and eager children. Searching for those black jewels in amongst the thorny bushes, the children eating more than they put in the basket. Then going home and making a huge apple and blackberry crumble – served with custard, of course.

2. Conkers. What can be more quintessentially English than the good old conker? The finding of them, the delight when a really big one is found.

3. Soup. Soup, soup and more soup. Soup is best made in the morning and then enjoyed after a long walk, collecting acorns, squirrel-spotting, and trampling through fallen leaves (hopefully not kicking any almost-hibernating hedgehogs is a bonus). Soup is fab – it uses up all those left overs and its cheap and healthy.

4. Darker evenings. Perfect for snuggling up and  knitting while chatting with my husband. Its also a great excuse for putting on my PJs around 7pm.

5. Knowing Winter is just around the corner – and making the most of the sun and milder weather. Sorting out the garden, stocking up on bird food, knitting scarves, and yes, Christmas planning. (planning is one thing, action is something completely different…..)

Photo Credit: Ruth Langford


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2 Responses to Five Things I Love About Autumn

  1. hyggejem says:

    There is a great amount of satisfaction to be had in planning, isn’t there? I hope your weekend was as good as it sounds? I had music, homemaking and crafting all weekend which was brilliant.

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