Welcome to Hygge Home!


The word Hygge (which sounds a bit like “hooga”) originated from Norwegian, where it meant something akin to “well-being.”.

Hygge is a special way of living, something that we can all easily create for ourselves in our own lives – both at home and at work. It’s not about spending lots of money on “things”, or living competitively, but simply enjoying the little things in life, taking the time to appreciate those small moments that make us smile, that make life that little bit better. whether that’s being cosy and snug at home, enjoying good company with family and friends, a night in with a good book, snuggled up watching a film together, eating home-baked goodies with friends while you catch up with each other’s news, a bike-ride in the countryside, a walk on the beach, pottering in the garden – it’s whatever you want it to be but in essence it’s all about enjoying the good, simple things in life with good people around you.

I hope, with this blog, to share my own Hygge moments with you, for you to share your Hygge moments with me and together to encourage others to embrace a better sense of well-being in all our lives.


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4 Responses to Welcome to Hygge Home!

  1. Just reading this post made me feel cosy and content. Looking forward to reading more. 🙂


  2. hyggejem says:

    Hygge is a brilliant concept, isn’t it? I think we all need a little more hygge in our lives!

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